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David Bychkov

David Bychkov, PhD - Thinking About Media and Technology in a Physiological Way.

I have spent the last 10 years trying to make emotion technologies reliable and pervasive. I have spent the last 7 years trying to make these technologies manifest themselves in the form of useful products and profitable investments. The mission is still brutal, but the flock has grown considerably.

Here is a description from my recent book, "The Placebo Life Technique" (Atropos Press, 2015):

"The Placebo Life Technique is a deconstruction of ethical challenges to practitioners of medicine, psychotherapy and the various sciences of brain-body communication. Placebo is traditionally represented as an inert, harmless object disguised as an active substance. It is supposed to be invented, produced, administrated and otherwise controlled by its prescriber no harm should come of this object and rather, this non-harm should directly cause benefit. We medical patients gladly partake of the communion wafer of the scientific method and find satisfaction in the ethos of our doctor, the form factor of our medications and the emotional relief of having done something about troubling symptoms. What neither the physician nor his patient know is that they are thrown together into a non-linear world that will not conform to either of their expectations. No pill can be administered perfectly or guarantee any outcome and no Being can completely verbalize, communicate or otherwise spit out his condition. Both parties are blind to each others totalities, but not to each others finitudes. The Placebo Life Technique therefore is an embrace of both the potential and limitations of human healing, catharsis and caring."

David Bychkov's Background

David Bychkov's Experience

Professor of Holographic Cinema, Director of the Laboratory of Psychophysiology at Universita' dell' Immagine (Fondazione Industria)

November 1999 - June 2005

I had the honor to work at this school, founded by Fabrizio Ferri at Industria Superstudio in Milan, Italy, as a teacher and biomedical researcher for a little over 6 years. There I developed the emotion detection technology that would ultimately become mine to shepherd into what is now Exmovere Holdings, Inc. UI, as we called it, was based on Ferri's mantra: An image is the harmony defined by integrated working of the senses (my translation from the Italian). The school required each of its students in the 2 year post-secondary program to communicate with each of the 5 senses. My work involved studying and trying to control human emotional responses to images.

CEO at Exmovere Holdings Inc.

June 2003

I have led Exmovere from private company to public company transition which took place in January 2009.

David Bychkov's Education

European Graduate School

2005 – 2014


Concentration: Media and Communications

European Graduate School

2001 – 2005


Concentration: Philosophy

University of Chicago

1996 – 2000


Concentration: Cinema and Media Studies

Hackley School

1993 – 1996

High School Diploma

David Bychkov's Interests & Activities

Neuroscience, wearable technology, psychophysiology, biofeedback, healthcare, patient satisfaction, physician communications, holography, augmented reality, placebo usage.

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